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Highly trained workmen and personal supervision make it an easy process to have your premises re-decorated. For more about us please visit us on FacebookOur services include interior house painters, exterior house painting, roof painting and more. We are happy to discuss your house painting ideas with you and decide on the best solution.
We also provide the following services:

  • Waterproofing
  • Damp Proofing
  • Plaster Repairs
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Renovation
  • Redecoration
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Joint Sealing
  • Building Reports, etc

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Use the form below to request a quotation, once you have contacted us we will confirm an appointment to do an inspection of the job and give you a detailed quotation backed by our years of experience and unconditional 5 year guarantee. Feel free to call us on 086 111 1705 for personal attention.

    Painting Services..

    Interior/Exterior Painting

    With more than twenty eight Years involvement painting in Cape Town and making use of Plascon treatments, it comes without a shadow of doubt that premium quality is the most essential part of our project. We ensure all processes are performed successfully and in the needed indicated manner as to follow the finest quality and finish. We use the following Plascon products: Wall & All, Micatex, Polvin Walls & Ceilings, Plascon, Professional Range, to see interior wall paint colors samples click here

    Roof Painting

    home painting in kenilworth

    Using specialized machinery, roof washing and painting has become quick, efficient and allows for a more even coating with excellent quality. What used to take weeks to paint by hand, can now be accomplished in just a few days. We are also a registered paint applicator with Plascon, using both the Nu-Roof (12 Year Guarantee) and True Colour (8 Year Guarantee) Range. We do it best, the local painting contractors you can trust, interior house painting &  exterior house paint.


    Technology has allowed us to advance to a stage where nearly every leak is detectable and repairable. From foundation waterproofing up to balcony & roof waterproofing.We offer efficient and permanent waterproofing products at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other companies. Using first grade products from companies like ABE – Sika – Plascon, it is guaranteed that your leaks will be fixed. We also specialize in torch on applications for industrial, residential or commercial properties. We are know as top Cape Town waterproofing contractors.

    Damp Poofing

    waterproofing companies cape town

    Damp-proofing is normally a costly procedure and exercise, but it does not need to be. With our damp proofing solutions, expense is a thing of the past. We are relatively inexpensive and with using products to likes of Coprox, Sika, ABE and Plascon, no corners are cut. Being in the trade for 28 years has allowed us to come across every moisture problem, let it be rising dampness, dampness penetration through a shower to even an underground stream

    When it pertains to making sure that your paint task is a success, there disappears vital location to begin than area prep work, consisting of cleansing, fining sand and also topping wall surfaces before paint.

    While not every surface area will require multi-step preparation, we motivate you to completely examine surfaces prior to painting and take action where needed.

    Action # 1: Cleaning Wall Surfaces Before Paint
    As seen in our Exactly how to Prep Walls for Painting video clip, clean wall surfaces are type in preparing a space for painting. While there is no ideal way to clean walls before painting, the majority of walls can be cleaned making use of a sponge and warm water. For surface areas that have exposure to oil or crud, like kitchen wall surfaces, wash with a service of water and grease-cutting detergent and also follow up with tidy water to get rid of any type of recurring cleaning agent. End up by wiping the wall surfaces with a wet towel.

    The most fundamental part of the process is to make sure you allowed everything completely dry extensively. Applying guide or paint to wall surfaces that are still damp can create a host of concerns, including blistering.

    Step # 2: Eliminating Mildew
    Regardless of which area you’re preparing to paint, make certain you attend to any kind of mildew first. Never ever repaint over mildew– it will certainly expand through new paint, which will certainly make succeeding cleansing and also maintenance much more hard.

    You can clean mold with a sponge and a remedy that is three-to-four parts water to one part bleach. Apply the option, allow it to set for a few minutes, scrub the impacted surface with a soft brush, as well as wash the area with clean water. See to it you use handwear covers as well as goggles as well as enable time to completely dry.

    Action # 3: Sand Surfaces Prior To Painting
    While sanding is not required for every paint job, rough spots on wall surfaces, whether they have been previously repainted or not, need to be fined sand before they are painted to guarantee the paint takes place smoothly. Use sandpaper or a fining sand block to plain any uneven surfaces, wipe away dirt with a moist cloth as well as let dry thoroughly.

    Smoothing wall surfaces prior to painting is needed for surfaces previously repainted with a gloss or high-gloss paint. For previously repainted water-based paint, sand with a fine-grit sandpaper. For oil-based paint, a medium-grit sandpaper (100- to 150-grit) need to be made use of. Again, wipe away any type of particles and also permit to completely dry totally.

    Splitting or flaking paint on formerly painted surfaces can likewise be a concern. Repaint splitting on wall surfaces and ceilings happens because of a selection of causes, among the most common being poor preparation of a surface prior to paint. Paint over fractured paint is a bad concept; it is very important to remove any kind of flakes from the surface area by means of sanding or scraping before painting.

    Step # 4: Keying Walls Before Painting
    If paint as well as paint color make a house, then primer is that home’s structure. Utilize a primer to get the most out of your paint, particularly if your walls are permeable or have surface area spots that require hiding. Primers disguise blemishes, produce a smooth surface for your paint to lock onto, and make sure an uniform coating no matter what you’re repainting. There is a guide for each project and also substrate.

    Did you understand that an expert paint work can transform the look and feel of your home?

    Indoor paint of your house is a job you need just to do every numerous years, provided that you have actually picked a good product. Take particular care when selecting a colour. What looks good on a little example may be frustrating on a full wall. Also, keep in mind that colour changes in full light, shadow, under incandescent lighting and neon. The colour at sunup can be somewhat different from the colour at sundown. So make dual sure before making your option.

    Prepare prior to Paint

    Prep work is critical. With indoor surface areas there is less dirt as well as dust on the walls than with outside; consequently not as much time is needed for preparing the walls. Nonetheless, in completely furnished residences the prep work, consisting of the removal as well as rehanging of drapes can take virtually as long as the actual painting itself.

    Specific locations may require unique interest when indoor paint is included, like the kitchen where dishes are prepared. There is frequently an oil build-up in areas near the oven and also ought to be cleansed extensively prior to repainting.

    Ceilings in restrooms where damp cause bleach fungal development on the ceiling need to be cleansed correctly and also treated with an anti-fungal. Black marks can be eliminated with road noting paint, ahead of repainting it.

    Repainting Ceilings

    Ceilings must most of the times be painted with a matt item as any type of gloss item will certainly highlight flaws. As a ceiling isn’t a “high web traffic” location it is not required for a high-grade paint; nevertheless, it must still be of an affordable quality.

    Spaces between the wall surface and the ceiling, cornice and also ceiling as well as additionally around the door as well as home window structures need to be cleaned out extensively, before being full of a flexible acrylic sealant.

    Painting Walls

    Interior walls should usually be coated with a cleanable item for noticeable factors. The higher the shine of product, the more washable as well as scrub-able it typically is. Nonetheless, a high gloss product not just highlights all little plaster flaws however does not offer a visually pleasing finish as it looks a bit like a health center.

    For high-traffic locations like healthcare facilities, schools and also daycare centres, a greater shine item would be one of the most beneficial. Nonetheless, for any kind of normal residence a quality cleanable matt, mid luster product, will be best with a low luster pure polymer. Reduced shine pure polymers give the customer finest of both worlds: a resilient as well as washable coating that doesn’t highlight blemishes.


    It is better to repaint interior woodwork with an Eggshell Enamel or a Thixo-gel low shine enamel than with a basic High Gloss finish. There are locations where a varnish product works better, particularly when you require a difficult safety covering like a polyurethane varnish.

    Ask the individual giving the quote to review the alternatives with you to establish what is the most effective option.

    There nothing that provides a house split second beauty like a brand-new exterior paint work. Not just will it prolong the life expectancy of your siding and also trim yet it will certainly increase the worth of your home.

    Outside Painting Preparation

    Aside from the high quality of the item being used, the prep work is vital to make sure an excellent paint task. Poor prep work is most likely one of the major reasons why most paints fail. On homes that are very ignored the prep work can take two times as long as the actual paint.

    Prior to the verdict is made on which product will certainly be used it is essential to understand what product will work best. A high-quality paint will not go very much on a porous substrate regardless of correct preparation and primer should there be no perfect bonding. In such a circumstance, it is recommended to apply a cost-effective finish and also to redecorate the particular area more frequently if needed.

    Second of all, a great water-based acrylic paint can, depending upon the application, last a great deal much longer on particular steel structures than the most effective enamel paint. Not only is it quicker and also easier to use, yet it can additionally cost 50 % less and also last longer.

    Prepare by cleaning up completely with a high-pressure cleaner to remove all dirt, dust, loose and also flaking paint. Cracks should be chopped or raked open and also needs to be filled with cement or a high quality filler after being completely prepared with a high-grade stonework primer. When filled up as well as permitted to completely dry, the loaded areas have to be topped once more.

    Occasionally, a slim fiber cells can be used over the part where the split was filled. Need to there be visible hairline cracks, it is suggested to apply a charitable layer of adaptable texture paint to bridge as well as eliminate all of these fine fractures.

    Exterior Paint

    This can be followed by a second appearance layer, yet texture layers have a better dust conservation and because of that normally collect dust and also dust faster than later. Nonetheless a mid sheen pure acrylic is normally the very best choice for a second coat given that it has a smooth reduced dust retention surface area which will maintain the wall surfaces cleaner for longer as well as marks are also simpler to clean contrasted to an appearance layer.

    It is important to utilize a quality texture coat that allows for a little bit of flexibility, as some coats dry out to become a hard coating as well as a number of the hairline fractures come back within 6 months.

    Paint Asbestos Seamless Gutters

    A lot of the older asbestos gutters are commonly somewhat permeable allowing them to progressively soak up water inside, creating the exterior paint to sore and also peel as well as therefore shouldn’t be repainted with a top quality paint that creates a ‘strong” covering. A reduced top quality paint will generally allow the water gradually leakage right through the paint, quitting it from peeling off and also consequently last much longer.

    How Roof Repair and Painting Works

    Prior to we start painting, we offer your roofing system a detailed examination to make sure that there are
    no other concerns that need to be dealt with. After that, we will use fresh coats of corrosion and also
    waterproofing treatments and also can fix any type of leakages or cracks. Afterwards, we clean up the whole roofing system
    with steel brushes and also or a high-pressure power washer to remove any kind of dust and particles. All this
    ensures the paint will certainly go on evenly and last a long period of time.

    Nevertheless the preparation job, the paint is lastly used. It is best to schedule your paint throughout a.
    time of year when there is little rainfall, so as to offer the paint a chance to completely dry. The amount of pre-paint fixings your roof covering might require will be consisted of in our preliminary price quote, so you always understand what to anticipate. Unlike various other residence repair work companies, we offer customers four quotes, so they can compare prices and also make certain that they are obtaining the most effective bargain.

    Are you aware that many residence roofings need to be repainted every 5 years?

    As professional roof painting contractors in Cape Town we take care of all our customers’ roof needs from beginning to finish!

    Our roofing system solutions:

    • Roof painting
    • Roof repair work
    • Roof substitutes
    • Roof assessments
    • Roofing & waterproofing
    • High pressure cleansing of roofing
    • Seamless gutter cleaning, repairs, and also installations

    Waterproofing of All Sorts Of Roofs

    If the outside of your house is looking a little weathered, you could wish to think about providing
    your roof covering a fresh coat of paint– you ‘d be shocked at the distinction it can make. Historically,
    terra-cotta and tones of brown are one of the most prominent, but with all the new paints on the
    market, there are extra options currently than ever before.

    A fresh layer of paint does more than just improve your roofing– numerous paints also have
    protective properties to aid your roofing last much longer. The paint is applied with rotating
    safety layers that assist protect against leakages and also protect the building. These special paints need
    proficient and also experienced technicians to use them; it’s absolutely a project that is finest delegated the

    We here at Painters Cape Community offer expert roof covering painting– and far more. We have competitive
    rates on a large series of roof services, as well as our committed, professional technicians will see to all
    your roof needs from beginning to end.

    Other Roofing Upkeep.

    Did you recognize that professionals suggest most roofing systems be painted a minimum of every 5 years?
    This routine upkeep not only maintains your roof covering looking great as well as functioning well, yet likewise.
    offers the excellent chance to care for various other small problems, like corrosion and missing out on.
    shingles, prior to they come to be bigger issues. This is likewise a good time to have your gutters.
    serviced; normal rain gutter cleansing can prevent water damage to your walls, and also maintain.
    out unwanted bugs.

    If you are past due for your roof maintenance, want fixings, or simply want a comprehensive.
    cleansing and are looking for a service provider, you can’t do better than Painters Cape Community.
    We are the roofing system upkeep experts, as well as we provide every little thing from painting to tiny repair service.
    work to total roof covering substitutes. Past maintenance and repairs, we also use specialty.
    solutions such as waterproofing and seamless gutter cleaning and installation.

    Waterproofing Contractors Cape Town

    Roof Waterproofing, ​as name would suggest is a means through which to prevent water from penetrating into a space that requires to be water tight. Roof leakage for the purpose of what we do, is something we aim to overcome and best prevent to keep you sustain your properties’ longevity.

    Roof Waterproofing Cape Town Northern Suburbs

    We at Cape Town Waterproofing Contractors, offer a whole range of specialised techniques when it comes to providing the very best waterproofing solutions for your property. Whether it be; an office building, an apartment block or even your private home. We believe in offering the best services to all our clients. Our friendly and well-equipped teams are ready to assist you in any of your waterproofing queries.

    Waterproofing Contractors Cape Town

    Here in the Cape, those heavy precipitation days ​can lead to roof leakage through weak spots of your home or buildings. As water stands on your roof, precautions and prevention measures have to be taken to ensure effective waterproofing.


    Our superior services as a waterproofing contractor in Cape Town are not only supported by years of industry experience. We are fully accredited with a number of companies. Currently, CTW Group is accredited with ABE Waterproofing Products and Construction chemicals, The Waterproofing Centre, Sika, Alchimica and Kryton waterproofing products. If your property has an issue with leaks or damp, give us a call. We will do a thorough inspection of your property and make suggestions regarding the best solutions for you. Our work is guaranteed!


    As a direct result of inadequate waterproofing Southern Suburbs, you can sometimes run into issues with damp in your home of office. Damp is caused by a leaking pipe, leak in your roof, broken guttering or poor insulation and can be harmful to both your health and the overall structure of your property. Our expert Damp Proofing services will determine the root of the issue and then provide the best and most appropriate treatment in order to cure and rid Damp for good waterproofing! Just give us a call today on 021 300 1822 for more information or to book as site inspection.

    Over time your waterproofing membrane can become damaged either by excessive exposure to the sun or during pronged periods of bad weather. The membrane is what protects your property, roof structure and wooden frame supports so care must be taken to ensure its regularly serviced and repaired if necessary.

    Waterproofing Contractors In Cape Town

    We are experts in Roofing Cape Town and can quickly repair your roof or provide regular inspections or Maintenance as well as full construction. Getting to the route of the issue early is key to avoiding larger and more costly repairs later down the line.

    As time passes, damage to a flat roof due longer extensive exposure to water which can result major problems for you as the property owner of the house or building. Water tends to collect and cause localized sagging at first after which it then begins to soften and leak. This then is where major headaches start and trust me a Panado is not going to fix this one.

    Torch On Waterproofing Products

    A S S O C I A T I O N Basement Waterproofing in Existing Buildings A guide to protecting your home Follow us on Twitter Find us on Facebook A basic understanding of Basement Waterproofing

    BSW HIGH PERFORMANCE PRE-APPLIED SYSTEM FOR BLIND SIDE & BELOW GRADE WATERPROOFING APPLICATIONS BSW is a fully reinforced Pre-Applied system membrane designed for horizontal and vertical external blind-side

    Torch On Waterproofing Products

    Apart from bitumen torch-on waterproofing systems, there is also the acrylic waterproofing systems that work best for waterproofing various roof surfaces and structures including total tiled roof areas, parapets, flashings, joints and roof ridging, cracks, roof screws and wall and chimney cappings. Compared with other waterproofing systems, the acrylic waterproofing application is suitable for any climate and most conditions but is not suitable for areas that are submerged with long periods of water, ponding or under balcony floor tiles.

    Torch On Waterproofing Products

    kalox-pool draft 231 KALOX-POOL Waterproof cement-based mortar for protecting and finishing concrete. repairing refurbishing and finishing 8-30 C Trowel / Spray 4 mm kalox-pool EN 1504-2 MAIN FEATURES



    PAGE: 1 of 6 PRINT DATE: 16/09/2004 BLACK JACK ALL WEATHER ROOF COATING DESCRIPTION BLACK JACK ALL WEATHER ROOF COATING is a solvent based, full bodied black brushable compound with added fibres for reinforcement.

    THIOKOL High Performance Coating Systems FNEC 2515 RLP 2378+ P r i m a r y a n d S e c o n d a r y C o n t a i n m e n t The name THIOKOL has long been synonymous with elastomeric polysulfide based coatings

    Pro Torch Roofing has completed a torch on membranes projects for large deck with great results.This company was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Artur was always available to answer questions and his crew were very fast and professional. The work was top notch and I’d highly recommend their services!

    Torch-on Waterproofing

    How to repair your existing low slope flat roof waterproofing. Recycled Rubber Roofing is not a “Roof Coating.” It is a liquid emulsion used as the underlayment of a new or retrofit, built-up roofing system. One of

    Torch On Waterproofing Products

    Memtec Single Ply PVC Membrane Roofing and Waterproofing Technology Modern Efficient Performance Cost Effective Flat Roofing Systems Introduction A complete range of Memtec Roofing and Waterproofing Single

    Bituminous Sheet Flat Roofs: Their repair and maintenance Flat roof covered in sheets of bituminous felt Introduction Whilst flat roofs are often regarded as inferior to their pitched counterparts and

    Shivam Multi Polyplas has a center core coated on both the sides polymeric Waterproofing making it deal for waterproofing purposes. The Center core consists of 20 micron High Molecular- High Density Polyethylene (HMHDPE) Film. It is a polymeric waterproofing membrane consisting of five layers. The HMHDPE Film is the reinforcement barrier against water & moisture. The Polymeric membrane has an elongation exceeding 300% to absorb all a Structural movements and has a very high tensile strength and cold flexibility to adapt to all contours.



    I would like to thank your company and mostly Llewellyn & his partner for the amazing work done, I was impressed by the two men, they arrived here daily got on with their job and did it well, their manners were impeccable....

    Ms. Nicholson, Kenilworth


    Your service from the word go was brilliant, very efficient and therefore I'd like to thank you and your team for an outstanding level of service, and professionalism. Thanks for a job well done we are extremely happy and will definitely make use of your service again

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    This is to certify that the Painting work done at my premises has been completed in full and to my complete satisfaction. I have inspected the premises and accept all aspects of the job has been completed full payment will be made on below date...

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