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#1 Roof Painters

roof painting

Painters you can trust! Using specialized machinery, roof washing and painting concrete roof tiles has become quick, efficient and allows for a more even coating with excellent quality. What used to take weeks to paint by hand, wall painting, roof painting, interior and exterior painting can now be accomplished in just a few days.

We are also a registered paint applicator with Plascon, using both the Nu-Roof (12 Year Guarantee) and True Colour (8 Year Guarantee) Range.

Plascon Nuroof Cool

Painting Contractors Cape town 1Plascon Nuroof Cool with its unique Herotech formulation, Enviroshield™, is a cutting-edge roof paint that combines performance, beauty and potential cost savings with a giant leap forward in green technology. This product comes with a 12-year guarantee.

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Plascon True Colour Roof

Painting Contractors Cape town 2Plascon True Colour Tile Roof paint is a superior water based acrylic paint suitable for all cementitious, fibre cement and galvanized roofs. Its smooth matt finish delivers lasting colour, excellent adhesion and superior durability. Plascon True Colour is the right choice if you need to refresh and beautify your home, keeping it looking good for longer!

Truecolour comes with an 8 year guarantee from Plascon

View Colour CardPainters you can trust!

#1 Exterior & Interior Painters

With more than 28 Years experience in interior house painting and using Plascon products, it comes without a shadow of doubt that quality is the most important part of our job. We make sure all processes are completed correctly and in the required specified manner as to adhere to the highest quality and finish. Our top painting tips revolve around quality preparation and quality paint.

We use the following Plascon products:

  • Wall & All
  • Micatex
  • Polvin Walls & Ceilings
  • Plascon Professional Range

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Chris Willemse Painters "The Name You Can Trust"

Frequently Asked Painting Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are some things you can do to prep your home before painting?

Before painting your home, you should take care of a few things to make the job easier and the outcome better.

  • Clean your home: It will be easier to paint walls that are free of dirt and stains. For instance, you can remove any furniture that is in front of the walls that need to be painted. You can also wash or vacuum the floors before painting them.
  • Vacuum: Vacuuming removes particles from the air which will make it easier for paint to adhere and dry with less chance of sags and wrinkles. As an added bonus, vacuuming can also help reduce dust and allergens in your home.
  • Prepare your floors: If you’re planning on painting your floors as well as other surfaces.

What are the steps of the interior painting process?

This guide has many steps to go through before the painting process can be completed.

  • First, you need to prepare all your tools and materials. This includes brushes, paint trays, ladders, masking tape, etc. Next the walls need to be prepped by taping off any areas you don’t want painted or that are not structurally sound.
  • And then apply an even coat of white primer over the surface of the wall to help seal in any stains or imperfections in the wall’s surface.
  • Then you’ll need to decide if you’re going to paint with a roller or a brush.
  • Once again it depends on what look you are going for with your final finish.
  • Finally, use a high-quality oil-based primer over woodwork and trimming if needed before painting begins.

What materials do you need to paint a room inside?

To paint a room, you will need some supplies. For some paints, you will need a container to mix them in. A brush is also needed to apply the paint. You will also need rags or paper towels for cleaning up any spills.

You may not think of it as materials, but there are some things that are needed before painting can happen. The brushes have different shapes and sizes for different kinds of surfaces. There are also the rollers that are used for larger areas or surfaces that don’t require very fine detail work on them.

How do I know a room is ready for paint?

There are five questions that you should ask yourself in order to determine if a room is ready for paint.

  • Is the room dusty?
  • Can I see the color on the walls?
  • Does my hand leave a mark on the wall when I touch it?
  • Is there mold or mildew?
  • Are there any holes or cracks in the wall?

How much does it cost to paint an inside room?

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of painting an inside room. For example, the size and type of paint also play a role in determining how much it costs to paint an inside room. Painting an inside room is one way to save money on your home and improve its appearance.


How do i know I'm getting the best price for my paint job?

You have to get at least 3 quotes, here at Chris Willemse Painters we strongly suggest that you get as many quotes from professional painting contractors as you need to convince you that our price, quality and guarantee is the best in Cape Town and that you can go-ahead with peace of mind once we’ve accepted the job.

Alan Nortje
Alan Nortje
Thanks for getting my house painted for sale, I was in such a hurry to start my new job in Doha that I just left everything to you guys and it all went 100% and I got my place sold, cheers...
Andreas Scheba
Andreas Scheba
I highly recommend Chris Willemse Painters. Riaan was exceptional. He identified the source of water damage in our kitchen, when other companies failed to do. He gave honest advice without unnecessary charges. Thank you again!
Nic Leader
Nic Leader
I can't thank Riaan and the team enough I had a unwanted water feature in my kitchen with multiple leaks they came out and did an excellent job would highly recommend them 👍 Nicholas Leader, Bergvliet
Denver Daniels
Denver Daniels
I would definitely highly recommend Chris Willemse Painters. Our home had a leaking roof and I contacted Riaan to have a look. The CWP team did a brilliant job to fix all issues and leaks. The post work experience was also hassle free. Riaan and Suleiman visited when we detected a small leak after the first engagement and fixed it the day after i called. We have decided to use CWP to wash and seal our roof as soon as the weather clears . Keep up the good work Riaan and team. 5 stars
Louise Fouche
Louise Fouche
Had a fantastic experience with CWP and their incredible team. Very efficient and reliable. I would highly recommend them
Cambria Melchert
Cambria Melchert
Riaan came out after working hours to assess some damp due to my worry about it being near my baby’s cot. He diagnosed the problem very professionally and knowledgeably and even brought us a sealant to use, all at zero cost. He went above and beyond, and I will definitely be using this company for any painting or water damage repair work in the future. Communication, timeliness, friendliness, 5 stars all around!
harold Wener
harold Wener
Excellent. Highly recommended. Riaan takes total care and has great attention to detail. Will certainly use them again.
Brinley Pritchard
Brinley Pritchard
They are the best I've ever worked with. They are really reliable and the workmanship is excellent. Will use them over and over again.