Chris Willemse Painters


Chris Willemse Painters are Waterproofing contractors are true professionals! Technology has allowed us to advance to a stage where nearly every leak is detectable and repairable.

We offer efficient and permanent waterproofing products & solutions at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other companies. Using first grade products from companies like ABE – Sika – Plascon, it is guaranteed that your leaks will be fixed.

We also specialize in torch on applications for industrial, residential or commercial properties. With our unique 3 part failsafe it is near impossible for any moisture to penetrate through our waterproofing.

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plascon multiseal

Damp Proofing

Damp-proofing is normally a costly procedure and exercise, but it does not need to be. With our damp proofing products & solutions, expense is a thing of the past. We are relatively inexpensive and with using products to likes of Coprox, Sika, ABE and Plascon, no corners are cut.

Being in the trade for 28 years has allowed us to come across every moisture problem e.g. damp proofing foundation, let it be rising dampness, dampness penetrating through a shower to even an underground stream, we are able to provide an efficient and simple solution.
We use the following products:

  • Torch on Viapol
  • Pudlow
  • Bitchumon primer (ABE)